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Am I Entitled to an Advance on my Workers Compensation Benefits?

Written by Shawn Diederich on June 17, 2015

Many times when a Workers’ Compensation claim is pending the Claimant finds him or herself running out of money, either because WC doctors take them out of work, or because the Employer/Carrier has denied their case. It is important to know that in some cases as a Claimant you are entitled to an advance on your benefits.

Financial woes that are related to the workplace injury can be helped!

Florida law permits an advance of up to $2,000.00 after showing you have not returned to the same or equivalent employment with no substantial reduction in wages, or you have suffered a substantial loss of earning capacity, or a physical impairment, actual or apparent.

Hire a lawyer ready to work hands on with you and fight for your benefits!

The Judge of Compensation Claims will need to see a plausible nexus between your medical issues and the related financial needs arising from your workplace injuries. Hire us to help fill this stopgap in your income so you avoid defaulting with your creditors while you await your potential distribution of Workers’ Compensation benefits.

You are not required to live a pauper’s life to be eligible for an advance of up to $2,000.00 under Florida Law!

Call us now to find out if you are entitled.

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