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Workers’ Compensation and Preexisting Conditions?

Workers’ compensation is designed to benefit employees injured on the job. Florida law requires an employer to pay benefits whenever an employee demonstrates “to a reasonable degree of medical certainty” he or she has suffered a disability or other serious injury which can be attributed to a workplace accident. This means it is not enough […]

Can an Injury Claim Become Fraudulent?

Most of us agree with the notion an accident victim should be fairly compensated for his or her injuries. Even when an accident is nobody’s fault, we purchase insurance to guarantee we receive compensation for such unforeseen events. Of course, there may be cases where individuals try and take advantage of the system by claiming […]

Workers’ Compensation for White Collar Injuries

If you work in an office environment, you might think you cannot receive Florida workers’ compensation benefits. But workers’ compensation covers white collar employees the same as physical laborers. In fact, office and clerical workers can suffer several types of on-the-job injuries which may be ignored or dismissed as normal workplace stress. Office Work and […]

What Do I Do If Injured While Using Uber?

The use of Uber as a car service is on the rise every day in America. Many are finding that it is more convenient and cost efficient than relying on taxis or even rental cars because it allows you to use an app on your phone to request a nearby driver that has signed onto […]

Is Orlando Really The Most Dangerous City for Pedestrians?

Historically, Orlando has been known as the most dangerous city when it comes to pedestrian safety; nowhere else in America were pedestrians at greater risk for being struck and severely injured or killed by a car. As of two years ago, this affected close to 1,000 Floridians each year, many of whom suffered incapacitating injuries, […]

Important Steps to Take After Being Injured in Florida

Getting injured—especially through a devastating accident—can put people in shock. It can be frightening and unnerving, and this sometimes causes people to forget that there are steps that must be taken in order to protect oneself, both in the moment and later on in the process. Ensure Everyone’s Safety Making sure that you (and everyone […]

Factors That Influence whether an Orlando SSD Application is Approved

Obtaining Social Security Disability (SSD) can actually be more difficult than many people realize. However, there are strategies available to help make your application more successful, and consulting with an experienced attorney can help sort out some of the confusion associated with the process. In addition, there have been reports on the horizon of steep […]

Comparative Negligence and How It Affects Your Case

Frequently, auto accidents are the fault of more than one person. This shared fault concept is reflected in the legal system as “comparative negligence.” In other words, if you are partially at fault for your own damages and/or injuries in the accident, it can affect the amount of compensation you receive in your case. One […]

How Safe Are Florida Drivers?

A study released earlier this year ranked Florida as the worst state to get into a car crash (due to the number of uninsured and underinsured drivers on the roads every day). Specifically, over 23 percent of drivers in the state evidently do not have car insurance and hit and runs were up significantly last […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Work Injuries

HOW LONG AFTER AN ACCIDENT DO I HAVE TO REPORT IT TO MY EMPLOYER? You should report it as soon as possible but no later than thirty (30) days or your claim may be denied. Reference: Section 440.185, Florida Statutes WHEN SHOULD MY EMPLOYER REPORT THE INJURY TO THEIR INSURANCE COMPANY? Your employer should report […]