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Can I Get Workers’ Compensation For Hearing or Vision Loss in Orlando?

Written by Shawn Diederich on August 24, 2016

Florida companies must take proactive steps to protect their employees from any ear or eye-related injuries. Hearing and vision are both highly sensitive, and any injury could have serious long-term ramifications. Unfortunately, far too many workers still suffer debilitating ear or eye injuries. In Florida, workers are entitled to recover benefits for the full extent of their injuries. Both hearing and vision issues are covered under Florida workers’ compensation law. If you have have suffered hearing or vision loss or damage while on the job in Florida, please contact an experienced Orlando workers’ compensation attorney for immediate legal assistance.

How Common is Work-Related Hearing and Vision Loss?


According to data provided by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), nearly 700,000 Americans suffer on-the-job eye injuries each year. This is a startling figure, amounting to more than 2,000 workplace eye injuries each day. While many of these injuries are relatively minor, some of them are truly devastating. In fact, that data indicates that over 30,000 workers are forced miss at least one day on the job annually because of a work-related eye injury. Hearing loss is also a major problem. NIOSH has found that an average of 23,000 cases of occupational hearing loss are reported every year. While eye and ear injuries can occur in many different ways, and with varying levels of severity, all injured employees are still eligible for workers’ compensation.

Florida Workers’ Compensation: Accidents and Long-Term Damage Are Both Covered

While work-related hearing and vision loss are both major problems, it must be noted that they often have differing root causes. The majority of major eye injuries occur as the result of a single accident. For example, they could occur as a result of a traumatic impact to the eye or a hazardous chemical coming in contact with the eye. On the other hand, hearing loss is much more likely to occur as a result of long-term damage. Many workers are exposed to dangerous levels of damaging noise year after year. Eventually that type of repeated exposure can cause hearing loss. Both types of injuries, accidents and long-term damage, deserve full and fair workers’ compensation benefits. Though, the the difference in how they occur could potentially have implications for submitting a workers’ compensation claim. In either case, it is critical that victims seek professional medical attention as early as they can. This is important to ensure a healthy recovery and to establish official medical documentation so that a successful workers’ compensation claim can be made. Ultimately, a qualified medical professional will need to assess your injuries under the Florida Uniform Permanent Impairment Rating Schedule.

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