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How Car Reporting Systems Can Affect Your Injury Case

Written by Shawn Diederich on July 27, 2016

As technology continues to improve, an increasingly number of vehicles are now equipped with advanced data reporting systems. These systems, sometimes referred to as vehicle telematics, can come in many different forms. A car reporting system can include anything from a GPS tracking device to an automatic smart phone application. They can also include an insurance company’s specific system such as Progressive’s Snapshot device. These technologies can provide you with a lot of interesting information. Further, the data provided could potentially have an impact on your car accident injury claim. If you have been injured in a Florida car accident, and your car or another vehicle was equipped with any type of car reporting system, please contact an experienced Orlando car accident attorney to discuss your legal options.

Car Reporting Systems Can Provide Key Evidence


Fundamentally, car reporting systems are designed to track and keep information. So it is of no surprise that the extensive information that is stored can sometimes provide critical evidence in a car accident injury claim. Vehicle data can provide information that simply cannot be obtained in any other way. This data is especially useful when it comes to accident scene recreation. While more traditional forms of evidence such as police reports or third party witness statements are still just as important as ever, the objective support of vehicle telematic data can be useful. In some cases, the objective technical data can provide support for the more traditional evidence, while in other cases it can even be used to help you dispute testimony that would otherwise damage your claim.

You May Also Be Able to Get Car Reporting Data From Another Vehicle

Your attorney may also be able to request this type of data from the driver of another vehicle by filing a motion to compel evidence. As this data is relevant to your accident case, you have every right to obtain it. In some cases, it could make or break your claim. For example, consider a situation in which you were involved in accident on Interstate 4, just outside of Orlando. The accident involves your car along with one other vehicle. From your vantage point, the other driver’s reckless speeding was the primary cause of the accident. However, you quickly learn that the other driver told the responding police officer that they were actually going below the speed limit. You are convinced that they are not being truthful, but how can you prove it? This type of issue often arises after a car accident. It is always challenging to deal with it. However, if their car had a reporting system installed on board, there may be data available that can be used to resolve the dispute. That is just one of many examples of how car accident reporting data could be used to support your claim.

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