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Public Transit Injury Lawyer in Orlando

Using public transportation in Orlando can be part of a goal to save on gas costs or to help protect the environment from unnecessary pollution. At the same time, using public transportation may not be a choice. Many Orlando residents must rely on public transit to get to work on time. And public transportation options are not limited to day-to-day movement within the city. Indeed, thousands of Orlando residents take public transportation when they take a vacation or schedule a trip to visit family.

Whether you regularly ride LYNX buses or rely upon airlines to get to your destination, you should always contact a dedicated Orlando public transportation lawyer if you are injured in an accident while traveling. An advocate at the Diederich Law Firm can answer your questions and get started on your claim today.

Public Transportation Accident Attorneys Serving Orlando, FL

How often do public transit accidents and injuries occur? And who can be held liable? According to a study conducted through the National Center for Transit Research at the University of South Florida, more than 2,000 major accidents involving transit buses happen each year, which resulted in nearly 150 deaths and more than 8,000 personal injuries.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) tracks other public transit injuries, and it recently reported that, in general, public transit accidents have shown a decline in recent years. However, hundreds of fatalities continue to occur each year on public transportation vehicles. The DOT provides some of the following figures from 2010 about public transit fatalities:

  • 450 aircraft-related deaths;
  • More than 600 train and rail-related fatalities; and
  • 215 deaths involving other forms of public transportation.

It is important to remember that public transit accidents can injure more than vehicle passengers. To be sure, pedestrians and bicyclists often suffer the consequences of a city bus collision.

Causes of Public Transit Accidents

What are the primary causes of public transit accidents? Collisions involving public transportation vehicles can happen for many different reasons according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including but not limited to:

  • Driver distraction;
  • Driver fatigue;
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol;
  • Improperly maintained vehicle;
  • Inclement weather; and
  • Defective vehicle parts.

In many cases, injury victims may be able to file a claim against the driver, the manufacturer of the vehicle, and sometimes the city itself.

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If you were injured or recently lost a loved one in a public transit accident, you should discuss your case with an Orlando public transportation lawyer as soon as possible. Contact the Diederich Law Firm today.