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Orlando Construction Accident Lawyer

Dedicated Construction Accident Lawyers in Orlando

Jobs in the construction industry are among the most dangerous in America. Given that we have warm weather in Florida throughout the seasons, construction projects tend to occur during all months of the year. More building and renovation work, however, can mean a greater risk of workplace injuries to those employed in the construction industry, as well as to passersby who sustain injuries from objects or debris near worksites.

Did you recently sustain injuries in a construction accident? You should discuss your case with an aggressive Orlando construction accident lawyer as soon as possible. At the Diederich Law Firm, we have years of experience assisting Florida residents who have gotten hurt on or around construction sites. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Common Accidents and Injuries at Construction Sites

Some jobs are more dangerous than others. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) records thousands of workplace fatalities every year. In 2013 alone, more than 4,500 employees sustained deadly or illnesses at their places of employment. Of those workplace deaths, more than 20 percent were in the construction industry. To put that number another way, 1 out of every 5 fatal workplace injuries involves a construction worker.

What are the most common causes of construction accident injuries? OSHA reports the following:

  • Falls (more than 36 percent of reported fatalities);
  • Being struck by an object (about 10 percent of deadly injuries reported);
  • Electrocution (nearly 9 percent of fatal injuries at construction sites); and
  • Being caught-in or between a structure or machinery (2.5 percent of reported fatalities).

These types of injuries are known as the “fatal four” in the construction industry. While they tend to affect employees at construction sites, pedestrians or motorists who are in the vicinity of construction can also get hurt. In particular, objects can fall from buildings undergoing construction, striking a passerby or falling onto a nearby vehicle. To be sure, almost anyone can suffer injuries in a construction accident.

Experienced Orlando Construction Accident Lawyer

Sustaining an injury in a construction accident can be a physically and financially difficult experience. Often, another party’s negligence played a role in the accident. Whether your employer failed to provide protective equipment or violated an OSHA safety standard, you may be eligible for damages. Contact an experienced Orlando construction accident lawyer at the Diederich Law Firm today.